Clínica y Salud Clínica y Salud
Clínica y Salud 25 (2014) 67-74 - Vol. 25 Núm.1 DOI: 10.5093/cl2014a6
Apego y psicopatología en adolescentes y jóvenes que han sufrido maltrato: implicaciones clínicas
Attachment and psychopathology in formerly maltreated adolescents and young adults: Clinical implications
Sara Camps-Ponsa, José A. Castillo-Garayoaa, Ignacio Cifrea
a Universitat Ramon Llull, Espa??a

In this research, the relationship between attachment and psychopathology was studied in a sample of 40 adolescents and young adults who have suffered from intrafamily maltreatment. Attachment was assessed with Bartholomew's RQ, which distinguishes four attachment styles depending on the positive or negative image of the self and others: secure, preoccupied, fearful and dismissive attachment. Results show that insecure attachment, particularly the dismissive subtype, is the most prevalent one. Slightly more than half of the sample (52.5%) shows clinically significant symptoms (as assessed with the SCL-90-R), particularly hostility, obsessive-compulsive, paranoid ideation, psychoticism, and interpersonal sensitivity. Attachment styles with a negative vision of the self (preoccupied and fearful) tend to show more psychopathological symptoms. The clinical implications of these results are also discussed.

Palabras clave
Apego, Psicopatología, Adolescentes, Jóvenes, Violencia familiar
Attachment, Psychopathology, Adolescents, Young adulthood, Domestic violence
Clínica y Salud 25 (2014) 67-74 - Vol. 25 Núm.1 DOI: 10.5093/cl2014a6