Clínica y Salud Clínica y Salud
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Julio 2017
Vol. 28. Num. 2.
Pages 49-100

Clinical and Health is a journal covering mainly original research literature of interest for psychologists within the field of Clinical and Health Psychology including the following topics: Development, validation and administration of psychological assessment tools within the field of clinical and health psychology; Development, validation and administration of techniques and strategies for the psychological treatment of disorders starting in the infancy, childhood and adolescence, memory and cognitive disorders, substance abuse related disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, factious and simulation disorders, dissociative disorders, sexual disorders, food disorders, sleep disorders, drive control disorders, adaptive disorders and personality disorders; Environmental and psychosocial factors associated with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases including pain, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, dermatological and endocrine disorders, chronic diseases, etc; Studies on health promotion and disease prevention; Studies on personality and personality assessment within the clinical and health field; Critical reviews and meta-analysis on therapeutic success;

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Vol. 28. Num. 2. Julio 2017 Pages 49-100
Perinatal depression: Profitability and expectations of preventive intervention (Manuscript in Spanish)
Rosa Marcos-Nájera, María de la Fe Rodríguez-Muñoz, Nuria Izquierdo-Mendez, María Eugenia Olivares-Crespo, Cristina Soto
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 49-52
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Diagnostic accuracy of the MMPI-2 to assess imbalances emphasising in people with substance dependence (Manuscript in Spanish)
Pablo González-Romero, Guadalupe Sánchez-Crespo, Amada Ampudia-Rueda, Fernando Jiménez-Gómez
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 53-7
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On happiness and its relationship to personality types and traits (Manuscript in Spanish)
María Consuelo Morán, María José Fínez, Enrique G. Fernández-Abascal
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 59-63
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Study of primary care referrals to Mental Health centers in adult patients in Madrid Region (Manuscript in Spanish)
Juan Díaz, Mónica Díaz-de-Neira, Andrea Jarabo, Pilar Roig, Paula Román
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 65-70
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Subjective well-being, body image, and functional capacity in people candidate for or undergoing bariatric surgery (Manuscript in Spanish)
Mayra Juliana Galvis-Aparicio, Suelen Bordignon, Juliana Bertoletti, Clarissa Marceli Trentini
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 71-80
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Use of information and communication technologies by Spanish psychologists, and their needs (Manuscript in Spanish)
Paloma González-Peña, Ramón Torres, Victoria del Barrio, Margarita Olmedo
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 81-91
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Spanish adaptation of the Varieties of Inner Speech Questionnaire (VISQ). Study of the relationship between inner speech, dissociation, and hallucination proneness
Salvador Perona-Garcelán, Gloria Bellido-Zanin, Cristina Senín-Calderón, Ana María López-Jiménez, Juan Francisco Rodríguez-Testal
Clínica y Salud 28 (2017) 93-100
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